Overhead Paging Systems

Systems takes pride in our ability to integrate phone systems with a variety of external hardware and features. One of the most widely used of these features is Overhead Paging. It will allow your employees to page to an entire building, a specific room, or an entire complex. It also allows for overhead music or bell tones for class / shift changes or lunch breaks. Having the capability to use overhead speakers through your phone systems will increase productivity and time management.

Telecom Geeks Systems offers a variety of hardware to help you achieve the best possible paging system for your needs:






Class Connection by Valcom provides high performance, software-programmable communications systems for K-12, hospitals, colleges, universities and commercial applications. It combines the features of an emergency paging system with the capabilities of a sound and program distribution system, and features crisis management, alarm functions, and strong flexibility in paging to different zones. In many cases it can be integrated with existing wiring and speakers.

Class Connection systems include feature-rich analog, hybrid, and True IP intercom/paging systems, and world-class Emergency Voice Notification systems for mission critical applications.

For retrofits or new installations, Class Connection paging and intercom systems offer high quality internal communication and a multitude of features that are easily configured to suit the most advanced requirements.

Class Connection has over 35,000 systems installed nationwide and includes key features such as All Call Paging, Zone Paging, Interface to Legacy & IP Phone Systems, Easy Windows Programming, Calendar Based Schedules, Clock Synchronization and more.



General Purpose Intercom & Loudspeaker Paging

Valcom’s Overhead Loudspeaker Paging is Essential to Every Business! Companies can improve productivity, personnel efficiency and increase safety and security!

Instantly communicate with everyone or an isolated area/group without disrupting other areas. “Group Call” allows you to page any combination of two or more individual zones together. And with safety being of great concern of businesses, Valcom’s Overhead Loudspeaker Paging can also provide emergency notification through Valcom speakers, horns, visual signs and computer pop-ups! Most telephone systems offer limited paging capabilities.

Valcom Overhead Loudspeaker Paging installs quickly and easily and is the most cost-effective solution to complete your loudspeaker paging needs! Other features include:

  • Find People When Not at Their Desk
  • Reduces Call Back Times
  • Increase Safety & Security
  • Notify Everyone for Quick Evacuation
  • Single or Multizone, All Call & Group Call
  • Talkback Paging
  • Override Access
  • Door Entry/Security Management
  • Background Music