The following testimonials are comments and feedback that we received from our clients regarding their experience with our PBX telephone system solution.

TeleGeeks Systems has saved the IT Administration Staff lots of time.

  • The reliability of the system is top notch!
  • Feature Set is right up there with other higher priced systems.
  • Support is prompt, polite, and professional!
  • The Web Based Console is spectacular for remote changes.

Google Reviews
“We are very satisfied with the service and customization.”
“The work was performed very efficient without any issues.”
“Excellent Customer Service”

Todd Newman

a year ago
I live in Las Vegas. We were looking for a new phone system for a new office space for a CPA firm and law firm. I was tasked with finding the new phone system. I am not a do it yourself type person at all. Not mechanical, not good with my hands, etc. So I first opted to talk to local companies that would install the system for us. I had some sticker shock at the prices the local companies were charging and determined I could find a less expensive alternative online. I did a Google search and found Telecom Geeks. From my first interaction I was very at ease with the process and very comfortable with the people I interacted with. I sent the specs on a system that was quoted by a local installer and got the exact same system for about half the price. I was a little bit intimidated at the thought of installing it myself but was assured it would be doable. The equipment arrived quickly and had informative and intuitive illustrations to install the system. After getting the system installed we had some customization tweaks we wanted done to the system all of which were handled quickly, conveniently, and easily by Telecom Geeks accessing the system remotely and making the changes. Our experience was beyond exceptional with Telecom Geeks and I can’t endorse them enough.

International Studio & Curatorial Program

a year ago
Aaron at Telecom Geeks was very helpful, even did a tutorial for the staff on using our new phone system. He provided a professional recording for us, and has been very helpful and professional overall. Despite it taking longer than planned (still same day) he did not charge us extra. I would highly recommend Telecom Geeks.

Polina Kavod

a year ago
On March of 2015, the company I work for switch the phone and internet serves provider. It was a complicated account with eleven lines with specific need for each; 2lines for Alarm system, 1 Elevator, 2 for Fax, 6 phone lines to our phone …More

Rivka Lipszyc

a year ago
Great service. I had a phone system installed and was afraid that there would be no one to talk to make sure that it was operational. They were extremely helpful and now I have a great system. I highly recommend! Thanks!

BlackBerry Expert

a year ago
We used Telegeeks one year ago when moved to our Brooklyn office. They installed our computers with the office wiring and reprogrammed our Panasonic phone system. The work was performed very efficient without any issues. It was a pleasure working with them and I recommend them for any business in need of phone and computer services.

Samuel Eidelman

a year ago
The telephone system installed in our office three years ago exceeds our expectations. We are very satisfied with the service and customization. We recommend this system to any business that requires value, excellent service, high quality, and zero tolerance for downtime.

Gymnasia Operations

a year ago
Excellent responsiveness. Very knowledgeable about their products. Willingness to help. Excellent Customer Service


a year ago

Installation was easy . Telecomm geeks support was awesome.. I will recommend to anyone..Aaron was very helpful and made installation so easy..


Michelle Clancy

a year ago
Absolute please to work with ! Very knowledgeable and great response time.

Mushkie Lipsker

a year ago